Don’t throw away your clothing just because of a little rip, extend the life of your clothes and repair those unwanted casualties. We offer many options for repairing your most valuable garments. Here’s some of the most common specialty tailoring Mid City has to offer.

Simple Patch

We can make a simple patch, this is the easiest and most cost effective solution to damaged garments. However this may be noticeable depending on the original damage(s) and its severity. In some cases this is not an issue to most if the area affected is in an unseen location.


However, for areas of concern in more noticeable locations we offer Reweaving. Reweaving is a specialized skill for repairing holes and tears in damaged garments. It involves hand weaving thread strands into the garment’s damaged area, creating a virtually invisible repair. Any kind of fabric with threads that can be pulled is usually a good candidate for reweaving. While this is the most ideal repair for most damaged garments it is rather costly and involves a longer wait time than a simple patch.

Crotch Repair

It’s not uncommon for trousers to wear out at the crotch. Whether it be a cause of the finest of the fabric, your walking style, or muscular thighs… we have the solution.

We can design a crotch repair, an elaborate repair which consists of harvesting material from another part of the garment to create a durable and quite unoticeable patch. This is not reweaving, as reweaving in not recommended for this type of damage.

Worn Front Pockets / New pocket bags

Front pockets of trousers are usually made of soft fabric, as a result it is very common for pocket bags to come fall apart over time. In this case, one of two instances can occur ,the seam can simply come loose in which case it can be easily fixed by re-stitching. Or the fabric becomes worn out. We then can either sew on a patch over the damaged area, or we can replace the worn out pocket bag with a brand new pocket bag.

Lining Replacement & Repair

Fur coats, overcoats, leather jackets and suit jackets. These may be some of the most expensive garments hanging in your closet. The lining is an important part to any jacket or overcoat – structurally and fashionably. Unfortunately the lining gets torn long before the shell wears out. A slight tear caused by keys in the pocket or simple carelessness can be the cause of that. Nevertheless, Mid City Tailors can repair or completely replace lining on your most valued garment(s). Fabric supply for replacement of linings is also available upon request.

*All prices for specialty tailoring are only available upon request
*Specialty tailoring is also available via Tailor by mail